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21st March 2005

10:17pm: -that i can't read, make stuff with michael or cuddle gerardo while watching television every second of my life. because those are the only things i actually enjoy doing.
-that i make 3-5 library visits a week.
-that i enjoy it so much.
-that i really wanted to put "go to the library" in my first line.
-my grades.
-that no one ever talks to me in my first period.
-that won't wash cars with me during the week.

17th March 2005


-when i go entire nights with no sleep.
-that i fell asleep in half of my classes.
-commercials with skinny girls taking aabout wonderful it is to have "curves" & "love your body", when they're perfect sticks.
-having short hair.
-having dark hair.
-having less that $200 in my possesion.
-partisan politics.
-that i'm adding about one page on average a month to my book.
-that my sister & i really did end up becoming my aunt & my mother.

16th March 2005


-that i don't have everything ready for prom, yet.
-that with my jecket on, i'm hot.
-that with my jacket off, i'm cool.
-being done with the magician's nephew, because reading it so much fun.
-that i actually attended a day of school.
-my tummy hurting.
-trying to lose weight.
-not losing any weight.
-my grama saying i need to lose weight.
-my grama buying me a cheesecake the next day.
-my grama being upset that i don't want any of the cheesecake BECAUSE I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT.
-my prom dressing being too small.
-caring about such superficial things.
-sleeping, because it's like i'm just wasting my time.
-actually attending a full day of school, because it feels like i'm just wasting my time.
-being exhausted.
-not taking a shower when i need to, because i think i'll fall asleep inside of it.
-that the latest issues of spin & teenvogue magazine BOTH aren't good.
-not remembering how to make my journal slimmer.

14th March 2005


-that my hatabase friends don't update, like i do.
-that i had the perfect "show off my titties" dress on, & didn't get to show off my titties.
-that i didn't dance tonight.
-my prom date not having a suit, yet.
-having to be offline by 10:30pm on weekends.
-being broke!
-not even having two dollars to my name!!!
-how wool feels against my skin
-when not many people talk to you at a party, because you're with your boyfriend.
-knowing i have to go to school tomorrow.
-wondering why i hang out with random, lame boys when i'm lonely.
-not knowing where my cell phone is.
-being super sexually frustrated.

-when boyfriends are mad at you for stupid reasons & are mean & start stupid fights over aim, & won't stop even after you block them for ten minutes, & do this all right before bed so you're super angry & can't sleep.
-when you can't stay mad at them then ext day because they exchange cute emails with you.

13th March 2005


-thinking of usernames.
-boyfriends who don't pay their cell phone bills.
-not having anything to do on my last day of the weekend.
-knowing i have to go to school tomorrow.
-not having gas in my car.
-not having any money to buy gas with.
-the dilliard's outlet mall not being opened, yet!
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